AI-Enhanced Teams – Are AI Assistants Worth It?

AI-Enhanced Teams are a relatively new phenomenon in our On-Demand World where “Access is better than ownership.” Devising your own AI is a very expensive and time-consuming task. The advantages of an AI Assistant for software development are extensive…

Behavioral analytics for employee retention and more

How to Use Behavioral Analytics for Employee Retention and More

Retaining key talent is getting increasingly complex. Traditional behavior analysis has proven useful to many organizations in finding, hiring, and even retaining quality talent. Adding an AI-driven Digital Assistant to it will synergize the benefits and provide data-driven insights “on-demand” to help key team influencers in your organization 10x your retention, operational efficiency, and growth plans.

How to Notice and Prevent Software Developer Burnout

How to Notice and Prevent Software Developer Burnout

How do you notice and prevent software developer burnout as a team lead or engineering manager? Burnout affects each person a bit differently. It often starts subtly and progresses incrementally. Developer burnout feeds into a vicious loop that can make your developers quit or even change career path. If not corrected, it can also lead to health consequences. The good news is that its onset can be identified, prevented, and rapidly alleviated. Let’s examine how.