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pull requests and code reviews

Pull Requests And Code Reviews

There are two words that will help open a lot of doors in life. Push and Pull. Here, we’re going to talk about Pull Requests. Pull requests have since become a standard part of the software development process and are closely associated with code reviews. Code reviews involve teamwork and collaboration on code and serve as one of the four main drivers of software development, alongside speed, quality, and efficiency.

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Welcome to our March 2022 Release Notes – a teaser for what we’re bringing this year at Gitential as we’re growing our team so we can brainstorm even more and deliver lots of useful features for you. 

Let’s get to it!

What's New?

  • Workspace menu
  • Commits Tab
  • Pull Requests Tab
  • Links to commits and PR to details on the git platforms
  • Extended Developer Scorecard
  • New Settings view
  • New Create Project view

What Have We Fixed?

  • Missing names in Manage Developers
  • Bubble charts in Benchmarking

Impact on you as a User

Workspaces Menu

If you have several workspaces or you’re added to one as a collaborator you can either use search option or find it quickly in the new Workspace menu:

New Project Tabs - Commits and Pull Requests

We’ve noticed that when tracking remote teams, our users often check their recent commit activity, therefore we made it quick and easily accessible to check thanks to the new Project tab:

Exactly the same story applies to the Pull Request Tab:

Here are a few tips in case you want to:

  • see the latest git activities and changes → remember to hit the Refresh button on top of the page.
  • find exactly what you need easily → use the filters in the top right corner of the tab. 
  • check a specific Commit or Pull Requests in details → now you can click on the URL link that will take you to the chosen activity on your git platform. You can also see all detailed commit/PR message after clicking on “…more”

Extended Developer Scorecard

Now you can see even more detailed insights on your Developers performance!

We extended our previous Developer Scorecard with 3 new tabs – Speed, Quality, and Efficiency. Let us share the news with you that we’re also working on a 4th one!

We also updated the Summary tab with a new chart – Number of commits with or without PR:

Speed tab

This tab is focused on speed KPIs and coding velocity of the Developer.

Quality tab

This tab collects information around coding quality, like churn rates, bug fixes, and tests.

Efficiency tab

This tab will help you figure out how efficient the code of your Developer is and how much time is spent on specific aspects of it.

Updated Settings View

We moved Settings navigation from the left side menu to tabs on the top of the page.

New Create Project View

We divided each step of the project creation so you don’t have to skip around the page to figure out how to do it. We hope it will be much easier from now on, especially for our new users!

Fixes & Improvements

  • Invitations for collaboration are fixed. Instead of the previous version, we have a 2 phase invitation system. Workspace owners can invite other members to join the workspace by email. The invitations must be accepted (by clicking on the link in the invitation email)
  • Integrations fixes:
    • We tweaked the PR data collection logic for Bitbucket and Azure DevOps. We can gather data faster and more reliable by using a more optimized method to talk to these APIs.
  • General speed improvements:
    • Improved our calculations to support analysis of larger repositories using less memory.
  • We fixed the blank spots in Settings/Developers that couldn’t be pulled from the git platform, but also users weren’t able to rename those empty fields manually. With the new fix we pull all the names from the git platform, but you can still adjust the names. 
  • Benchmarking bubble charts size got adjusted to make it easier to read

About Gitential

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Don't miss our latest updates. All About Software Engineering Best Practices, Productivity Measurement, Performance Analytics, Software Team Management and more.