June 2022 Release Notes


Hello Gitential Users,

We’re getting back to you with the next reveal of new features and fixes! We’re busy bees this spring and heading into summer to bring you many cool functionalities starting with:

  • Insights Studio – your imagination is no longer limited by our app
  • Upgraded Developers tab for Project and Teams
  • Improved metrics’ color code for change metrics

Let’s jump in and take a look!

1. Insights Studio

Let’s start with the BIG one!

So far we told you that the only limitation of our app is your creativity… but that’s in the past already! We’ve introduced the Insights Studio, which basically creates custom reports on demand. WOW, right? Now you can pick the metrics, dimensions, and charts type on your own, and track any specific cases required.

2. Upgraded Developers Tab

The next one is an upgraded and refreshed Developers tab view, both for Projects and Teams.

On top, you’ll find an extended table with main performance KPIs, and when you click on your teammate’s name, you’ll dive deeper into the Developer Scorecard view.

A little lower we’re presenting trended charts focused more on the developers’ performance and how they are doing compared with the rest of the team.

3. Improved metrics color code for change metrics

Last but not least, we improved the colors for the metrics and change indicators so you can understand them immediately if you should look into some troubles or if everything is going according to your plan. This time it’s not value but metric dependant and it shows progress or decline accordingly.  For example, if the Churn rate is declining, that’s very good news:

On the other hand, a smaller amount of tasks completed within Sprint or Month indicates a slow down or issues in the management process:

To sum it up = green is good, red is bad – simple as that!

In the meantime we’re always working on improving our analytics, the data it includes, customization options, and new ideas to make your experience even better and our platform even more valuable to your business.

Don’t be shy, and feel free to share your feedback, suggestions, and ideas with us!

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