July 2022 "Dog Days of Summer" Release Notes


Hello Gitential Users,

How are the “Dog Days of Summer” treating you? It’s hot, so we hope you have some air conditioning and ice-cold beverages to help keep you cool! In our release notes this month, we mostly have improvements and bug fixes. That, and a few on our team decided summer would be a good time for a vacation at the beach – instead of waiting for December. Still, we’re keeping pace with:

  • Tempo Data for On-Prem
  • General Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

Software development doesn’t thrive on new features alone, so let’s take a quick look at what users will see and experience now:

1. Tempo Data for On-Prem

We’ve expanded Tempo data for On-Prem so that:

    • You can now pull info on hours logged by task by developer.
    • You can compare the number of hours on a particular feature took based on the logged hours.
    • This data can be merged with rate cards so you can estimate how much new features,  bug fixes, etc., cost on a particular project or across your entire company.

2. General Improvements

  • On-Prem administrators will find the User Signup/Login Approval System easier and more intuitive to use. 
  • Several minor infrastructure improvements were made for better overall performance. 

3. Bug Fixes

Several significant bug fixes were made addressing:

    • A limitation in browsing git projects to add more repositories. We got a bug after releasing new features but fixed it as soon as it was noticed.
    • Users who logged in with LinkedIn got an error message when trying to create a project – this has been rectified.
    • There was an issue with tables in the summary tab temporarily disappearing — they shouldn’t disappear anymore!
    • The Admin Management Page in On-Prem accounts stopped working after updating app version – fixed.
    • Bulletproofing calculations for Bitbucket
    • After creating/updating a project the “Show Project” button didn’t change the view – and now it does:

Stay Tuned for More!

There’s always time to build new features, but we also have to spend some time maintaining and improving the solution – and infrastructure behind it. Summer’s been a good time for us to work on improving exports for On-Prem clients and decreasing our technical debt. There’s a lot more coming, so stay tuned!

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