In search of a
Front-End Developer

Full time, Remote

Let's start with some intro first

  • So a little bit about us...

    Have you ever worked in an environment where you did the best job, still nobody recognized your dedication and value? Somehow you just lost in the crowd. We feel you! And this is why we are dedicated to changing this behaviour in the corporate world. We, as GITential, provide Analytics and Engineering Intelligence services to bring visibility on team’s productivity. This way developers can be praised and supported based on their actual performance instead of their networking skills or friendship. Join us to form the way how developers will be evaluated in the future for their performance. After all, this is your world too.

  • ...and a little bit about you

    We are looking for a Front-End Developer to join our team at an early stage startup remotely from Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Portugal or Mexico. As a Front-End Developer you will be responsible for implementing, maintaining and recommending new features and improvement ideas to our current UI.

Now we can get into the details

  • Implementation of new front-end features, improvements of existing functionalities, refactoring of old codebase
  • Implementing the visualization of new interactive charts connecting to back-end data (e.g. git analytics, issue tracking data, etc.) based on specific design documents
  • Help identify, escalate, resolve any technical issues and problems that might occur
  • Collaborate with other team members from Development, Design and Product Owner teams 
  • The role demands skills in Agile team organization and delivery, database and coding skills plus the ability to maintain an ongoing discussion with the stakeholders
  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience
  • Ability to work alone and research new / required technologies
  • Less CSS, SASS experience
  • React, TypeScript, Redux, Riot.JS experience 
  • Strong knowledge of and experience in JavaScript, CSS, HTML 5 web layout design and implementation
  • Experience with Git
  • Ability to work based on clean code guidelines
  • Passionate about writing well-structured, efficient and maintainable code, actively keeping the quality of the code base in check
  • Fluent English is a must
  • Excellent communication and program solving skills
  • Experience in building cross-browser user interfaces
  • The ideal candidate should have a broad understanding of various coding methodologies and testing practices
  • Experience with eChart library, Webpack, Plotly.JS
  • Experience with Google Tag Manager
  • Python knowledge is an advantage
  • Experience in util libraries like: Lodash, Ramda
  • Experience working with analytical solutions
  • Experience in using JIRA
  • Working in Agile environment
  • UI/UX design experience
  • Working with analytical solutions
  • Dynamic startup environment full
  • Innovative atmosphere with lots of freedom
  • Ability to grow faster in your career 
  • Flexible working hours
  • Full time remote work (even after pandemic)
  • FTE contract in Hungary, contractor agreement in case of other countries


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