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November 2022 Release Notes

Here’s what’s new in our November 2022 Release Notes:

* Improved data exports for our custom solutions;
* Stabilized backend environment for smoother workspace data refreshes;
* Flexible pagination;

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Client invests more than $20 billion in IT software development but return on investment (ROI) is not measured.


1. Vendor landscape analysis (strengths and weaknesses)
2. Vendor target KPIs setting
3. KPI tracking


Optimized overall coding efficiency by +4.8%
Improved PR cycle time by 3.8 days


Proactive Risk Mitigation with Improved Visibility on Software Projects

About the Client

Industry: Game Development

Company Size (Revenue 2020): $5 Million

Software Engineering Team Size: 20 devs

As being in the game development industry, our client has most of its contracts containing penalties for late delivery on its software development projects. 

Finding issues in a timely matter is crucial as it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalty if the problem effects the delivery deadlines.


No transparent and measurable KPIs of the team’s activity to proactively respond to problems occurring during the project.


Weekly developers’ activity tracking based on agreed standard performance measurements.


Continuous developers' productivity tracking supported necessary team restructure. As a result our client was able to avoid contract termination and late delivery fees.


Increased ROI On Contractors and Faster Team Scaling

About the Client

Industry: IT Software Development

Company Size (Revenue 2020): $29 Million

Software Engineering Team Size: 100+ devs

As a fast growing IT software development company (+513% revenue growth vs 2019), our client’s main focus is to make sure that all its developers are delivering the same quality, speed and efficiency across all its projects without any disruption.

As the pandemic started they needed a solution to track their remotely working contractors’ development performance.


Efficient remote team management with a rapidly increasing team mainly consisting of remote contractors.


Real-time activity tracking of remote developers worldwide on a daily basis.


+183% increased code volume
+13.2% improvement in efficiency


Support FTEs Professional Growth and Provide A Tool For Salary Appraisal

About the Client

Industry: CPG (Consumer Product Goods)

Company Size (Revenue 2020): $71 Billion

Software Engineering Team Size: 100+ devs

Client has ~100 full time employees in their team where everybody is responsible for their own professional growth with the support of their managers.

Our client was looking for a tool to support an unbiased, data-driven process for salary appraisal and bonus allocations.


No transparent and measurable KPIs on software development performance. Decentralized promotion criteria and baselines across the company.


Introduced transparency on development performance using Developer Scorecard


1. Improved yearly assessment process by turning it data-driven and semi-automated.
2. Efficiency improved by +5.2%, PR cycle time reduced by an average of 4 days - all driven by self-motivated developers.


Automated Delivery Management For Vendor Performance

About the Client

Industry: Supply Chain

Company Size (Revenue 2020): $34 Billion

Development Team Size: 50+ devs

Client outsources most of its analytics teams’ work to vendors to receive fully managed end-to-end development services for all its analytical needs. 

While spending yearly $20+ Million on the vendor services there is no dedicated internal delivery manager allocated to the program to track vendor performance.


There is no visibility on team activity and there are no clear actionable items on how to improve the overall performance of the analytics teams.


Automated performance reporting using JIRA and rate cards to show how the money was spent. Deep-dive of teams’ / developers’ strengths and weaknesses.


Yearly $100,000 savings per project on internal delivery manager costs Increased vendor ROI due to implemented process improvements based on continuous consultancy