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10 Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring

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How to be a great Software Engineering Manager?

How to be a great software engineering manager?

Being a great software engineering manager is a continuous balancing act. Balancing between the interest of team members, the team, the company and clients, as well as your own. It requires both technical and social skills.

I this article we broke down engineering managers’ tasks into bite-sized chunks. Read further and let’s improve together.

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Software depends more and more upon the Internet to perform its full range of functions. In addition, the Internet promises unparalleled access to valuable, real-time data. It also adds complexity to software and can interject a host of problems for end-users. As a result of an accelerated world of technology, the software that doesn’t perform well gets poor reviews, doesn’t get downloaded, used or sold. 

What is application performance monitoring software (APM software)? How can they help you? What are the benefits and which are the best ones on the market? 

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) software makes it easier to identify and fix performance related post-deployment problems by reducing your Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR). This way you can focus on what’s the most important for you: user satisfaction.

Lessons Learnt from Pokemon Go

Plenty of software titles have launched with problems, however, Pokemon Go launched with problems many developers wish they had. The company, Niantic was expecting only 2% of their actual users who have downloaded and started using the game.
However, without a proper mitigation plan the overhead caused a senario where gamers excited to play couldn’t establish a connection! Consider that some gamers take their entertainment more seriously than their 401K plans. Some users were rage quitting before they even started! After the obvious problems occured, Niantic chose to use Google Container Engine for Pokemon, which helped them to put in place a swift solution.

Niantic could have been better prepared, as it is well known that mobile-first software needs performance testing on both the fron-end and back-end sides. Predicting peak load at launch is very difficult, but it makes testing software performance at different loads vital. Game developers should know this better than anyone. Cloud services have evolved and offer unparallel elasticity according to user demand. However, battery drain and GPS problems in conjunction with its augmented reality component caused severe issues.

Adopting application performance measures could’ve mitigated or avoided these post-launch issues, resulting in reduced user loss.

Reasonably High Expectations

We all want our applications to respond fast. It is not just my personal desire, but also the results of a mobile app user survey. TechBeacon’s survey of 3,000 mobile app users shows today’s end-users are short on patience and tolerance. In the survey result we can find that 49% expect responses within 2 seconds. 80% said they’ll give your software only 3 chances to get it right, at most. 

APM Software helps software engineers to identify and fix stability and performance issues, by capturing raw data and generating insights on performance metrics like:

  • Server metrics, like CPU and memory usage
  • Application framework metrics
  • Number of simultaneous queries
  • Average response time
  • Number of pages served per second
  • Application errors and error rates
  • Number of concurrent users
  • User Satisfaction and Apdex Scores
  • Impact of 3rd-party components
  • Custom application metrics set up by your team
  • Application performance by region, and more

Continuous monitoring of these metrics helps you proactively respond to issues before they reach critical mass, therefore, improving your user satisfaction on a long run.

APM software helps you to narrow down where problems are occurring, so  you can perform root cause analysis to form an action plan. This can pre-empt a trip to the war-room. When you get the call, “Hey Houston, we’ve got a problem!” The software engineer can smile, “Well, you had a problem, but we already fixed it!” Maybe this is an exaggeration, but real-time awareness gives you the jump to keep clients confident that you have everything under control.

10 Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring

The APM Digest outlines ten benefits for using APM software. They didn’t try to rank these APM benefits in order of importance, but we give it a shot, below. It’s a subjective assessment, based on what’s most important to the customer first. If you make your customers happy, you’ll reap the benefits, too.

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Happier customers attract others, and they usually become a brand-loyal, long-term users of an app. The baseline objective is to have fewer bugs and crashes, so we can provide a platform which makes our users content.

2. Improve End-User Experience

A fast and responsive software is the basis of UX, and application performance monitoring software can help you identify any related issues.

3. Reduce Downtime

If 1% of 1 million customers can’t connect, that’s 10K unhappy users, which we can avoid if we proactively monitor app performance and reduce downtime.

4. Become More Objective

Use data to drive decisions on what needs to be fixed first. Backlog prioritization should be driven by data, instead of a hunch. Using an APM software can guide you to prioritize based on what’s important for your users, so you can improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

5. Improve Your Google Ranking

In short, it’s hard to get noticed, and visibility is one of the key component to grow. With this in mind, by improving your app performance, automatically you improve your Google ranking as well, which will lead you to a higher visibility on the market.

6. Advance Productivity

In order to improve your development team  productivity you need to get to the route cause of what is causing longer cycle times in the development process. Try to proactively spot bugs and issues with proper testing, reduce unnecessary meetings, and prioritize improvements which hold value add to your users..

7. Speed Up Innovation

Obviously, reducing the time needed to fix bugs, problems frees up more time for your software engineering team to work on adding new features to the app.

8. Cut Down Costs on Experts

APM software provides you insights to identify the problem, define the remedy, as a result your senior team can focus on implementing a solution, insead of spending days on investigation.

9. Lower Operating Costs

The more efficient your team is working, the less it costs you to develop and maintain your application.

10. Boost Sales and Revenue

As a result of higher customer satisfaction and better visibility we can achieve increasing user growth, which can result in higher income. On the other hand, better team performance might reduce our operating costs. Overall, APM software supports you to become more competitive and profitable on the market.

APM Software and Continued Product Development

As many eCommerce company can tell you, setting up a website is only the beginning. From there, the battle begins to attract visitors and improve conversions. Working with APM Software enables benchmarking your application against your competition and its following iterations.

Software performance has a high correlation to conversion metrics driven by the end-users.

Many conversion metrics relate to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) components. As always, developers need to work closely with designers to prevent deploying some issues. Transition automations can show responsiveness while the server responds to data requests. Continued product development involves making lots of little fixes over time which provides compounded interest on user satisfaction and revenue potential. A difference of just 1% in conversion rates across a sales funnel can have a revenue impact. It’s scary how much of an impact once second can have.

12 top APM software solutions

When selecting an APM software solution, there are several items to consider. The programming language/s it supports is one of the first factors. Cloud support, whether you need an on-site solution, and pricing are important, too. We also recommend reviewing their support materials. Their documentation, videos, user community can show if their software is easy to use. In alphabetical order, the following are 12 frequently recommended APM software solutions available:
More new APM software options seem to enter the market. Have you tried one not on our list? If you’ve found one that you’d like to recommend, please give us a shout onTwitter

Combining APM with software development analytics

Adopting APM software in conjunction with software development analytics has a compounding benefit. Application Performance Monitoring makes it easier to identify specific lines of code impacting performance. Data-driven isolation of your software’s most urgent problems is a critical aspect of managing your technical debt. It keeps your team from spending time on lower impact issues at the expense of the big ones, which helps synchronize your technical efforts with your client’s business. This helps you focus on the ultimate goal: keeping your client and their customers happy.

Are you interested in improving your software engineering team performance?

If you have any questions about how Git analytics can help you make better use of APM software, contact us. Gitential offers automated software development analytics that can help you get more out of your daily code reviews, and get even more value out of your APM software.
How to be a great Software Engineering Manager?

How to be a great software engineering manager?

Being a great software engineering manager is a continuous balancing act. Balancing between the interest of team members, the team, the company and clients, as well as your own. It requires both technical and social skills.

I this article we broke down engineering managers’ tasks into bite-sized chunks. Read further and let’s improve together.

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